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Channel Letters San Diego CA

Planning to open a new business office or a new branch? But are not sure about how to show your business sign? A possible answer is the use of channel letters. Channel letters in San Diego are growing rapidly and a number of store-owners prefer them over other sign presentations. A Channel letter is a three dimensional alphabet that is placed separately from other alphabets. It may have different colors and lighting. Combined together, channel letters in San Diego can be effectively used to present a beautiful and an appealing logo. Although these can be made from a number of materials, but the most commonly used material is aluminum with acrylic. It gives you the option to choose any font, color or size.

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If you are also getting channel letters in San Diego, make sure that it has best appearance with top quality acrylic sheet for a good looking face layer. It is cut by a CNC or multicam router. To attach the face or top layer to the body of a channel letter, trim cap is used. The sides of the channel letter are called return. Your letter installer can give you a good advice about the suitable thickness of the return. These can be custom made using material of suitable thickness and color. The back of the channel letter is also made up of aluminum. Lastly, the most important part of channel letters in San Diego is a light source. Although, you can get non-illuminated channel letters in San Diego, but illuminated ones are comparatively a better option.

To get top quality and professional channel letters in San Diego, contact our expert team of Color envy graphics, who have been working for years and gained a lot of valuable experience. Our team will give you the best guidance about the types, benefits and costs of different types of channel letters in San Diego. As there are various types of channel letters in the market, you must take professional advice from an expert. Front lit channel letters are the most common ones. But these are greatly customizable. Reverse channel letters or back lit channel letters give a halo effect around each letter. Thirdly, combination lit channel letters allow you to have a specific face color with a suitable halo effect. Contact Color envy graphics for the best channel letters in San Diego.